Sarah is a “Mother”, one of the order of the Knights Servant.  As Sarah explains:

“The creed of the Knights Servant is more than just a club.  We have a bloodline, the genetics, to find a forgotten part of our minds – this part.  We all have it, but you can never find it on your own.”

This forgotten part of the mind allows the Mothers to find threads of consciousness – to learn what others are thinking.  It’s yet another take on the idea of telepathy.  I often think it would be a great skill to have, but like all these things would be a double-edged sword – sometimes you just wouldn’t want to know what somebody was thinking about you.

One of the things I enjoy about book is thinking, if it were ever made into a film (only in my dreams), who would play the leading characters?  Well for Sarah, my choice would be Kristin Scott Thomas – a fabulous actor and gorgeous with it.

Scott ThomasHer entry on IMDB is here.


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