A first review

I’m thrilled to have my first review on amazon.co.uk

It’s great to have some feedback, and max has been very generous:

What is it about a good pirate novel? There is an ageless draw to these stories and I found this particular transportation of the classic tales of high sea treachery and piracy to a long distant and space based future simply great fun. The novel has played with the genre well, modernising where necessary and introducing a strong female lead that reminded me of novels such as “Pirates’ by Celia Rees or “Target Lock” by James H Cobb.
There is originality to the writing although Brown never steps far from the honest foundations for this type of story, feeding from the genre rich worlds of Blackbeard and Treasure Island. Playing with elements of the humour from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and the space born loneliness and uncertainty of Joss Whedon’s Firefly series, there is even the occasional fine dining experience to add to the eclectic mix.
A surprising and enjoyable short novel of high-tech piracy mixed with scurrilous characters, culminating in inevitable hidden treasure. Thoroughly recommended.


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