One of the things I enjoy about book is thinking, if it were ever made into a film (only in my dreams), who would play the leading characters?


Sarah is a “Mother”, one of the order of the Knights Servant. As Sarah explains:

“The creed of the Knights Servant is more than just a club. We have a bloodline, the genetics, to find a forgotten part of our minds – this part. We all have it, but you can never find it on your own.”

This forgotten part of the mind allows the Mothers to find threads of consciousness – to learn what others are thinking. It’s yet another take on the idea of telepathy. I often think it would be a great skill to have, but like all these things would be a double-edged sword – sometimes you just wouldn’t want to know what somebody was thinking about you.

Who would I want for Sarah?  My choice would be Kristin Scott Thomas – a fabulous actor and gorgeous with it.

Scott ThomasHer entry on IMDB is here.


In the English vernacular, to be a successful pirate you have to be “well ‘ard“.

In the book, Bottle, Rank and Dead Meat are journeyman pirates. Like perpetual privates in the army, they are never going to make it up the chain of command, but they are very useful to have around when dirty deeds need doin’. An’ doin’ dirty deeds is what they do best, along with cards, and drinking and – well you get the picture.

Now to play such a character in a film you would need an actor who is ‘imself well ‘ard , and who better than Vinnie Jones. Always a hard man on the football pitch, he has now done some great work playing tough characters on film.


I think he would make a great Bottle. His IMDB page is here.


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